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Trying to Remove that Tricky Oxidation?

We at CT Yacht Services have over 14 years experience, dealing with hulls that have been sun bleached or not properly kept up on. One question I get frequently is do we wet sand? The short answer is Yes and no, We use specialty products that have sand in the compound equal to using a 1100 grit sand paper on your fiberglass without leaving damaging swirl marks behind. Another question we get is, are we able to get rid of heavy oxidation with one pass? The answer is no heavy oxidation of requires numerous passes to get the fiberglass to original color? Finally how much does it cost for oxidation and paint correction services? Like anything there are numerous factors involved, the grade of oxidation, the color of the hull etc. One thing is for certain though our process is far less costly than having to wet sand your boat. Wet sanding is very time consuming in order to get an even flow to bringing back your gel-coat . The final question, How can I keep the oxidation from coming back? The best solution is to ceramic coat your hull after having us do the paint correction.. CALL 203-818-0187 for a Quote



Before Our Service

After, We also blended the old decal so it was no longer visible


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