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Summer time is the most enjoyable time to be out on the open water and cherish the freedom that only the water can bring you. While you are out on your boat with your family and loved ones soaking up the rays, your boat or yacht is also being laden with UV rays. We put on sunscreen to protect our bodies so we do not get burnt, however we tend to forget that our vessels also are in desperate need of another coat of wax. There are two major benefits in regards to getting the Topside of your boat waxed in the hot weather; #1 you are keeping your gel coat from getting damaged from the sun. The second is that during the extreme heat, your boat's fiberglass becomes more porous and sucks in the wax keeping the Gel coat in ship shape!! Give our experts a call for a great price on a Summer Detail, and remember your boat is good to you so give it some sunscreen! Mention this Blog and get 10% off your next detail. Call 203-818-0187 or email us

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