Engine Room Painting and cleaning services

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Engine Room Painting Experts

When it comes to your engine rooms, we love getting our hands dirty   A saltwater environment can wreak havoc on your boat's inboard engine, leading to rust and corrosion, as well as flaking and peeling paint. Regularly cleaning the engine's surface and repainting it every few years can restore it to its original cosmetic condition. Repainting a boat engine also adds value to the boat, if you are planning to sell it. Painting your engine room is not a glorious job there is much prep work and degreasing involved, but we take great pride in our work and having your engines looking. We know that the engine room is one of the most important elements to your vessel. That’s why engine room painting is something we’re known for. We have painted pershings, freight liners, and over 50 other marine vessels. Do not leave this work to the amautuer's.  Our crew will come to you!

We provide complete interior boat refinishing and repair services including:


  • Engine room painting--We can match original manufacturers paint- We use up to 1500 degree engine paint

  • Carpentry in many finishes including
    acrylics, urethane's, lacquers and varnish

  • Damage repair to hardwood and veneers

  • Color matching

  • Faux finishes