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Shrink Wrapping and Winter Services Brookfield CT

Let the Professionals come to you!  We have been Shrink Wrapping in Brookfield CT, and Lake Candlewood Area for several years.   Unlike our competitors we will always make time for New Milford Residents, best of all we Guarantee our work for the winter.   It rarely happens, but if for some reason the wrap gets damaged from a tree limb or heavy snow we will fix it!











Professional Shrink Wrap Services




Express Shrink Wrapping


Express Shrink Wrap includes heavy duty marine grade shrink film with UV protection, proper ventilation for good air circulation, wrapped below the rub rail.

Shrink Wrapping$12.99/ft Bow Ryders

Pontoons $16 /ft

Radar Arch, T & Hard Tops$3/ft


Full Service Shrink Wrapping


Includes everything in our Express Shrink Wrap Service PLUS wrapped to the waterline whenever possible, premium stanchions, mildew gas bag and a dry bag to help keep moisture out of the boat.

Shrink Wrapping$14.99/ft

Radar Arch, T & Hard Tops$3/ft





Additional Shrink Wrap Supplies





36" Zippered Access Door$40

48" Zippered Access Door$60

72" Zippered Access Door$80

Enclosure Removal from $75



Moisture Control Dry Bag$10

Mildew Gas Bag$10

Roll of Shrink Wrap Tape$30

Add'l Shrink Wrap Vent (2 per 10ft. included)$5


Brookfield CT Shrink Wrap
Winterization Brookfield CT

Winter Maintenance is the most important Service of the Year this protects your engine from freezing and  ensures your fuel is good in the spring, and your boat is ready to go!

Winter Services Include: 

-Greasing the Fittings

-Flushing the Motor with -200 AntiFreeze

-Motor Fogging

-Removing Plug

-Fuel Treatment

Oil Change Services Upper/Lower

Draining old Oil

Changing Oil Filter

Adding new Synthetic Oil (Mercury -Yamaha) can be ordered

Old Oil Disposal

Lower Unit-

Removal of Prop if necessary

Draing Lower Unit/Checking for Water of Discolorization

Pumping in new Gear Oil

Disposing old oil

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